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Working with electronics is an activity that we have always been passionate about.
Our goal is to create value for our customers and contribute to their success. Atex Industries, and its divisions, is a strategic partner with innovative Made In Italy products and services.

Atex Industries is a subsidiary of VeNetWork Spa, an exemplary network of 73 entrepreneurs in the Triveneto area; an original model at a national level, which offers support for the development of ideas, projects and innovative companies.


Four realities, one common goal: to make electronics the protagonist of the green future

Consulenza dinamica per la progettazione, lo sviluppo e la produzione di sistemi elettronici competitivi e Made in Italy

Design and production of custom electronic boards.

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Realizziamo dispositivi elettronici per il repowering, la gestione dell’energia fotovoltaica, la sicurezza delle linee elettriche.

Solutions for energy management and security.

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Eccellenza Made in Italy nella progettazione e produzione di battery packs al Litio, BMS, controller motore, integrati con tecnologie IoT, per l’industria della e-mobility e dispositivi off-grid

Design and supplyof lithium batteries.

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Progettazione e produzione di termoregolatori con connettività, per unità statiche e ventilate a temperatura positiva e negativa.

Temperature controllers for medical, HORECA and industrial sectors.

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Products and Services:
Design and manufacturing

Since 1972 Atex Industries has been dedicated to the design and development of boards for multiple sectors in the consumer and industrial world.
Today, Atex's approach to the world of electronics has evolved and has developed into highly specialized divisions, each dedicated to meeting the electronic needs of specific sectors, while keeping faith with the promise made to our customers: to create solutions and offer innovative, reliable and Made in Italy electronic products.

We have chosen to work for the environment, sustainability, energy saving, safety and health. For this reason, the creativity, passion and experience of our engineering teams are aimed at sectors such as: electric mobility, alternative energies, heat regulation of super-freezers for the storage of vaccines.


1. initial audit

Careful analysis of the customer's request so as to identify their needs.

2. Strategy

Developing a shared strategy aimed at achieving the desired result in the right time and in the right manner.

3. Design

Designing custom solutions or sizing and customization of products in the catalogue.

4. Production

Creating electronic cards according to the needs identified with the customer, aimed at ensuring the effectiveness of the finished product.

5. After-sales support

After-sales availability and active presence, so as to ensure both reliability and transparency even after delivery of the product.

Technological innovation

In-depth knowledge of IoT technologies and attention to the continuous developments of artificial intelligence are essential factors in steadily increasing know-how and, at the same time, enriching Atex's offer with high added value services, such as:

  • developing technologies to connect and integrate devices
  • bringing information and data to the Cloud
  • designing hardware, system architectures, web and mobile applications

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