Partner in Electronics


When desigining and manufacturing circuit boards for countless applications Atex puts to use all of the expertise, skills, and technical know-how it has gained during its fifty years as a leader in the industry.

This market-leading knowledge and proficiency is also utilised when Atex develops and creates innovative and cutting edge IoT technologies which are used to connect devices both locally and remotely.

Atex is not simply a supplier, but a true partner: it nurtures ideas and proposals from the outset and shepherds them right through to the final stage. Customers who work with Atex expect excellence and receive it each and every time.

In addition to its subcontracting services, Atex offers its own-brand products for two specific sectors: industrial refrigeration and electric mobility.

Market Leader in Control Electronics


Atex seeks to become a leading international electronics company that is recognised for not only the quality of its products, but also for its pre- and post-sales support.

The company focuses its electronic solutions on a number of different sectors including industrial automation, themoregulation, and electric mobility.

The name Atex stands for quality, reliability, and collaboration. The company aims to work seemlessly alongside its clients' production systems.

Customised solutions