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5 October 2016
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ATEX launches the ALPS project

It’s a time of major change for ATEX Industries Srl, which is drastically reorganizing to become more competitive and productive.

First of all, the ALPS (Atex Lean Production System) project launched to implement Lean Organization in the company, an operating strategy that aims to improve efficiency by cutting waste while putting the customer at the centre of the company’s philosophy: customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Technological innovation. The company has purchased new production lines, including a MIRTEC for 2D/3D optical inspection: the first model to be installed in Italy. These advanced new machines will allow ATEX Industries to better meet the needs of this constantly growing market and respond with serenity to the demands of technologically complex sectors such as automotive and medical.

Process innovation. Thanks to addition of the new ERP SAP system, ATEX has made a big step forward in management of organizational and administrative processes, with a special focus on the ALPS project and on customer satisfaction, starting with fully digital management of deliveries in KanBan. In the context of this transformation, we are introducing a visual management system which, supported by the new matrix organization and the fact that all the offices in the Supply Chain have moved to Genba, allow the system to be more reactive and efficient in relation to customers’ demands. This is the policy behind the company’s Lean Organization training courses, aimed at ongoing implementation of Kaizen.

The goal of these innovations is achieving customer satisfaction, not only in terms of service – which is the major edge we have over our competitors – but also in terms of products: ATEX Industries is evolving from a regular manufacturer of electronic cards to a true partner for its customers, supplying not only cards but a finished product.

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