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27 November 2015
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31 July 2018
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ATEX is the ideal partner for your StartUp

According with the Italian Chamber of Commerce, the total of innovative startups in Italy is 3,454,and 480 of them are in the North-East of Italy.

There are many difficulties during the development and launch of the product and the problems related to the electronics are not easy to solve without the support of the right partner.
The numbers are clear, and from this point of view, Germany proves once again that its practical sense is higher than the others European countries.
This is demonstrate from the fact that their idea-company conversion rate is 47% against a moderate 9.6% in Italy and an avarege of 10.6%* in Europe.

ATEX is exactly the consultant that a startup with a defined project dreams to find to overcome all the difficulties related to the electronic design and the next steps related to the assembly. Furthermore, ATEX gives the advantages to have mass production lines ready to be used once your project take-off and being a partner who knows all the problems that may occur is able to minimize the risks.

ATEX and the Venetronic group are improving their know-how in this field thanks to the work done in close contact with: LEAF in the Renewable Energies, VNT Medical in the medical field and another startup that has presented at CES in Las Vegas a design product dedicated to the consumer world that will come in the market soon.
ATEX is starting other collaborations with Italian and international startups, clear evidence that ATEX is developing skills that are recognized by those who have a good project but need to overcome objective difficulties.

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